Carefully selected from the finest Colombian Arabica beans “Excelso Supreme Grade”. Characterized by its unique aroma and softness this product is perfect for the most demanding consumers that enjoy a perfect balance.

This Vacuum packed presentation allows the highest freshness sensation.

Taza’s profile:

Aroma: High, fruity
Acidity: Medium
Body: High
Flavor: Intense fruity aroma, high body and notes of chocolate. Dark roast and fine grinding.


– Grain Roasted 500g
– Roasted and ground 500g
– Fique Tostado y Molido 500g
– Display Vacuum packed 6x250g

Weight N/A

Grain Roasted 500g, Roasted and ground 500g, Fique Roasted and ground 500g, Display Vacuum packed 6x250g